Care Tips

Please note that bleeding may occur. Do pre-wash your suits separately before initial use. When applicable, pre-wash light-colored items before dark-colored items.

Do not leave suits rolled after use. Rinse well, gently squeeze, hang to dry. Pull out wrinkles.

Important! For suits with accessories: rinse as directed immediately. Dry accessories with soft cloth. Do not keep damp or soak for prolonged period.

Take out removable bra pads before laundrying. For non-removable pads: gently wash, taking care to preserve the shape.

Laundry instructions: Handwash in cold water and mild soap and leave to dry immediately. Do not soak. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents.

Drying instructions: No dryers please. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not iron.

To preserve the shape and elasticity of your suit, avoid heat. With chemicals like sun lotion and chlorine, rinse out suit as soon as possible to prevent any damage.

Avoid sitting on rough surfaces that may snag fabric. Remove trapped sand gently – after your suit has dried.



Fit Guide

As a company of gals-at-heart women with different body types, we understand the general differences and subtle intricacies that make one girl's perfect fit very different from the next one's.

As such, most of our suits have adjustable ties and/or straps that make life a bit easier.

We strive to create not only beautiful but also supremely wearable suits to lounge and play in.

ALL our suits are padded. And lined very, very well,in addition to using thicker-than-your-average swimsuit fabric.

Also, look to this chart to get you steps closer to getting that sleek, flawless fit we at Naked Sun work very hard to achieve.

But as we all know, take what other people say with a grain of salt. At the end of the day (and as the naked sun sets over the lush, balmy bay), this is only a guide, and YOU know what works best for you.



30 - 31
32 - 33
34 - 35
36 - 37
38 - 39
30 - 32
33 - 35
36 - 38
39 - 41
42 - 44
19 - 19.5
20 - 20.5
21 - 21.5
22 - 22.5
23 - 23.5




For safety and hygienic purposes, strictly no returns or refunds will be allowed. Size changes can be accepted, depending on availability but we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt.



Shipping Rules

Within Metro Manila Outside Metro Manila
Ship Out 1 weekday after receipt of payment 1 weekday after receipt of payment
Delivery 2-3 weekdays 3-5 weekdays
Fee* PhP80 for the first 1-2 suits additional PhP50 for every additional 1-2 suits
*Outside Philippines, please email nsswimwear@gmail.com to inquire