Our Story

Naked Sun Swimwear is a young, dynamic swimwear company based in the most dazzling, sun-kissed shore in the world -- the Philippines. Since its launch in 2008, it has embodied the vibrant expression of a passionate lifestyle of sun, sea, and sky.

Our brand is inspired by the meeting of sultry, laidback, beachside glamour and the urbane confidence of the globe-trotting woman. Our design philosophy is updated classics infused with a unique perspective all our own -- whether it be distinct details, multi-way wearing, or a witty twist.

To fashion each Naked Sun piece, we begin with haute design meticulously rendered in the strongest, most beautiful fabrics and materials, then constantly innovate on our sleek, flawless fit.

Taking inspiration from our gorgeous waters and lush tropics, Naked Sun is effortless, chic, and vibrant.

Naked Sun, as its core, means real, true. Being naked, stripped to the core, is all about taking away the trappings, the bells and whistles, to get to the essence of something -- and what you find at the heart, the center. This belief shapes our product philosophy and is the inspiration of the company, and it is deeply rooted in the way we do business. Though the three of us may be very different, what unites us and makes Naked Sun work so well is our passion to provide products that, when stripped to the core -- naked, are really authentically, nakedly good products.